When in Shanghai...

Shanghai Panorama Huangpu river

There are a few crucial things to see and eat, that you should not miss while you are there! We would like to give you an overview of the best places to take pictures and enjoy a good meal or just a quick snack. 

When is the best time to go there? 

Anytime between May and October is great as the weather is nice and warm (some would say hot), so you can have dinner and drinks outside without freezing. 

We went to Shanghai in August this year and it was great!

Where to stay? 

We recommend to either stay near the Nanjing East Road between the People's Square and the Huangpu river or in the French Concession somewhere between Huaihai Middle Road and Fuxing Middle Road. 

We stayed at the Sofitel Shanghai Hyland this time and it was nice because it's close to two big metro lines that take you almost anywhere you need to go in Shanghai (Line 2 and 10). 

Where to go? 

We would like to share 3 of what we consider the most typical places for you to visit. 

1. Yu Garden (on Line 10) - a beautiful ancient garden surrounded by traditional Chinese architecture. You need to pass quite a few shops before you get to the actual garden but it's worth it. 

Yu Garden in Shanghai

2. Jing'an Temple (on Line 2) - a newly build golden Temple surrounded by tall buildings and shopping malls but definitely worth a picture. 

3. Tianzifang (on Line 9) - a cute little market in the small back streets and among traditional old Chinese houses. A good place to buy some souvenirs for friends and family back home. 

Tianzifang market

Where to eat? 

There are may great restaurants in Shanghai and we have an almost endless list of places we could recommend. But we want to keep it simple for you and so we chose 3 restaurants that give you a true Chinese food experience. 

1. Da Dong Restaurant in the Park Place Mall (Nanjing West Road and Changde Road) - at this restaurant you can try the best Beijing Duck we have ever eaten. It's super tasty and they slices the freshly made duck in front of you. 

Da Dong restaurant Beijing duck chef    Da Dong restaurant dining table

2. Malatang soup at the tiny stall on Nanchang Road (near Xiangyang Road) - we actually don't know the name of the place as it is very local but it's right next to a bubble tea shop and not too hard to find. Choose you ingredients and have them cooked in a tasty broth. 

Malatang food stall    Malatang soup bowl

 3. Sichuan Citizen Restaurant on Donghu Road - here you will find a great variety of dishes and they are all very tasty! They also have very good cocktails ;) 

Sichuan citizen dinner table

We also would like to recommend the follwoing places: M on the Bund for Brunch, Lost Heaven for dinner and don't forget to try all those fantastic dumplings in Shanghai such as these: 

Dumplings at yu garden

If you have trouble finding a restaurant check out this website www.smartshanghai.com which is basically your survival guide for Shanghai. It shows the adress of places in Chinese characters so you can show it to the taxi driver. 

Where to drink (with a view)? 


1. Bar Rouge in Puxi

2. Vue Bar at the Hyatt on the Bund Hotel looking on both sides of the Huangpu river

3. Flair Bar at the Ritz-Carlton in Pudong 

Less known: 

1. Rooftop bar of the Indigo Hotel on the Bund 

2. Rooftop bar of the Waterhouse at South Bund 

3. Kartel wine bar in the French Concession 


We hope you will have a great time in Shanghai!